The Engine Collision Festival

In the dawn of 2009,
BIZZURKE ARMY unleashed a unique happening on L.A. This eclectic 12 day program of international Cinema, performance and Multimedia, dynamically examined - the current state of Genres, the influence of past, and the vision of future.

Burke with clowns

Because "There is cool shit in every genre."

This fugitive venue's roots and ideology strecth back to the time of Bohemian, Vanquard & Punk Rock hubs, such as the legendary CBGB's, The Factory, Cabaret Voltaire and other venues of spirited notion

David Lynch holding Engine Collision Fest sign

The spirited include novelists, poets,performance artists, fashionistas, musicians, creators of new media and practitioners of the cinema - who honored this Collision by performing amidst the epic showroom installation around THE ENGINE that explores texture, form, and negative space - executed by world renown artists KOFIE ONE/DRAFTSMAN, SONIK MERCURY and, of course,a number of Bizzarmy Artisans.

Among the first Engine Collision Fest headliners were:
DAVID LYNCH: screened a selection of unavailable shorts from his personal collection
ADULT SWIM's METALOCALYPSE: animators did a show & tell,
featuring a sneak preview of their forthcoming cartoon mayhem.
SLAMDANCE Film fest: presented a night of their 2009 winners
CORY MCABEE: screened his cult masterpiece "THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT"
CHERRY VANILLA: The Warhol Superstar read from her forthcoming autobiography.
SHANNYN SOSSAMON: revealed her experimental video project, "MAUDEGONE".
BIZZURKE ARMY films: Daily screenings from the U.F.M. collection.

And that wasn't the half of it..

Wu Tang Clan's - Raekwon

Perish's - Crash fashion