Director Burke Roberts

“Through his films a sense of freedom is born…a need to converse. Burke is able to speak the truth, humor, horror and hope of the human condition – whether you want to hear it or not.“

- (Novelist/Filmmaker) Jennifer Lynch

Burke Roberts’ films have trotted the globe and gained recognition at dozens of renowned international film festivals, fine art galleries, museums and independent cinemas. The unconventional path his works have traveled to earn their cult following is as eclectic as the works themselves.

Among his accolades can be found; multiple official selections at Slamdance, awards in Tribecca, Los Angeles and a ‘BEST FOREIGN SHORT SUBJECT’ WIN in Madrid – as well as a slew of presentations at less traditional venues such as: Coachella Music Fest, Edinburgh Fringe Fest, LACMA, ART Rotterdam & the Architecture+Design Museum of Los Angeles.

Roberts grew up on a ranch in Colorado. The opposite of an Urban Cowboy: he was a Rural Punk. At eighteen, Roberts found himself fighting the tide in Hollywood. His ocean sized ambition for innovative storytelling came up against the natural resistance and constraints of the Industry’s conformist status quo.

But, because the visions in his mind are louder than any nay-sayers, his production tactics revealed an uncharted ingenuity. In the current explosion of guerilla film, Roberts could even be considered ‘Oldschool’- pioneering unique filmic feats years before pro-sumer equipment brought D.I.Y. filmmaking to the masses. He has triumphantly created a body of impossibly high production-value short films on shoestring budgets - and in recent years has even expanded his ventures into large scale sculptures, immense projection installations and the curation of a world class Arts Festival: THE ENGINE COLLISION FEST

To do this, he founded: BIZZURKE ARMY UNDERGROUND FILM MILITIA - An ever-expanding international network, encompassing hundreds of accomplished artists and A-list technicians, who devote their time and talents to achieving a common goal; the evolution of Cinema.

Cinema that deal with challenging and political themes such as oppression, fanaticism and insanity, (both personal and societal), make up the Roberts’ catalogue. JESUS RIDES SHOTGUN, HANDICAP CITY, FUCK FASHION, ECHO OF A MAN, INSULT TO INJURY, SOME OF AN EQUATION, SUBSTANCE OVUSE, ENGINEERING NUDES and SKY DROPS attempt to pave the road for a new generation of creators and voyeurs. Spanning every motion picture medium, these films have slaughtered screens from L.A. to New York, London to Berlin, and almost every notable city in-between.

Presently in pre-production for two feature length films, Roberts’ current passions also include the use and exploration of his 2000 pound steel sculpture/mobile movie theater hybrid - known as: ‘THE ENGINE’. It’s purpose being to inspire audiences and equip other bold filmmakers whose voices of note deserve alternative modes of distribution and presentation. These projects continue to receive winks and nods from international PRESS and a growing cult fan base - who realize that Roberts is a visionary unlike most.

Along with his network of inspired individuals, tempered by years of experience and collaborative ethic, his forthcoming works are poised to push the envelope further still.

Bizzurke Army Manifesto (in progress)
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